CSM White Team

White Team

1. Captain
Laine Greaves-Smith
2. Gas-Man
Adam Ahnhut
3. Map-Man
Andrew Blaney
4. First-Aid
Caleb Garbus
5. Co-Captain
Ryan Peck
6. Fresh Air Base
Wylie Keller
7. Fresh Air Base
Levi Rawlings

Team Alternates:
Dmitry Shabalin
Ezra Grossinger
Tyrenny Hidy
The White Team was formed in the Fall of 2011 and placed 4th overall at their first contest in Wilmington, IL in the Spring of 2012. In 2013, the team returned to Wilmington, this time bringing home 1st place in the Field Competition, 1st place in the First Aid Competition, 3rd place in the Technician Competition, and 1st place overall. The team is still expanding and developing new talent to bring more experience to the Blue and Silver Teams as team members graduate.

CSM White

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CSM White at MERD