Photos from the 2013 Collegiate MERD: Idaho Springs, CO

    Host: Colorado School of Mines Student Mine Rescue Teams

                Collegiate MERD Participants & Mentors

    Collegiate mine rescue teams (from left to right, CSM White, Missouri S&T,
    CSM Silver, University of British Columbia, and CSM Blue) with industry mentors.


    CSM White team members don apparatus before going underground. 

CSM Blue

    CSM Blue Team communicates with Fresh Air Base & runs the Incident Command Center.

MS&T Tech

    A Missouri S&T team member tests BG-4's during the technician test. 

CSM Silver Underground

    CSM Silver Team develops a plan to extract patients from the mine refuge chamber.

UBC Team

    The UBC team plans the rescue operation from the Incident Command Center. 

                Silver First Aid

    CSM Silver Team treats a patient during the first aid competition.