Colorado School of Mines Judo

Sensei Rich Mignogna, Club Advisor, USAJudo Certified Instructor

USAJudo, Colo. Judo League Member Club, Golden Colorado


Left: CSM Judo club, Spring 2012. Right: Alex, Roby, Gabe and April attend a judo clinic instructed by US Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison.

Judo is a full-contact Japanese martial art and competitive sport designed to use the momentum of one’s opponent to throw him/her to the ground and force submission with pins, chokes, or joint locks.

Spring, 2013 practice/lessons:  Practice is currently being held in the CSM rec. center gym, 2nd floor, Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-8 pm. If, for any practice we are not in the gym, please check the 2nd floor activities room next to the weight room (yoga, zumba, etc.). New students and Alumni are always welcome. If you do not have a judogi, please wear a shirt and shorts/sweats that can’t be pulled off.

Mats, Participation/Eligibility, National Organization Membership

Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni are eligible for instruction and practice according to CSM Student Activities guidelines and permission of Sensei Rich. If you wish to participate in CSM judo, or have additional questions, attend a practice... or, Sensei Rich Mignogna will be happy to answer emails at: (A club officer email link is located at the bottom of this page)

CSM Judo is a member organization of National Collegiate Judo Association, USA Judo, and the Colorado Judo League. CSM Judo practices on Swain Tatami Judo mats purchased by the club with assistance from Northglenn Judo Club. Thank you Northglenn Judo!

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Upcoming Tournaments/Events

Please see the Colorado Judo League page.

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