GLBTAEngineers - Sigma Lambda strives to not only give GLBT students a place to "be themselves," but also to unite the CSM campus, giving students a chance to interact with different types of people. It is not a "gays only" club; there are a number of both visitors and members that consider themselves bisexual, straight, and other “orientations” as well. In past years, there were even efforts to collaborate events with CSM's chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, or CCC. While a majority of activities are more social in nature - coffee nights, clubs, etc. - the organization has been working to sponsor, and contribute to, events that extend beyond our own club, and into both campus- and community-wide issues. On Dead Day, Sigma Lambda hosts the "Living Library," a chance to "check out" a person, and get to know them. We had a number of GLBT people available, as well as others, including an "older" student, computer techies, and even a Trekkie. This coming year should provide a large opportunity for more things like Living Library - things to help make a difference on Campus.

We hope that you - whoever you are - come to check out Mines' GLBT club. Head over to our Events page to see not only our big activities, but a schedule of weekly things, like group coffee nights, or movies.

Quick Facts

  1. Founded in 1997

  2. Originally called “GLBEngineers”

  3. Later changed to “Sigma Lambda”

  1. Typical Meetings:

  2. 6:00pm

  3. 2nd and 4th Thursdays

  4. Boettcher Room, Arthur Lakes Library

  5. See our Calendar for specific times coming up!


  1. Feel free to visit us on Facebook!

  2. Our email address is


  1. Our President is: Jonathan Pritchard

  2. Our webmaster is: Martin Heck


Mission Statement