To get to Golden Coloarado from the Denver International Airport:

1. Contact CSSA

2. Take shuttles

Also, you can contact The Chinese Christian Assembly (

They offer to pick up new students at the airport, as well as temporary stay.

Send your request to Dr. Yufeng Zhao ( ).

To help serve you better, please let us know

your detailed flight info if you need us to arrange a pickup at the airport.

Lodging Options

1.Mines Park

2.Off-campus Apartments

Bank around CSM

You should open a checking account as soon as possible.

1. Wellsfargo

2. Chase

3. Usbank

What to bring

1. Clothing: Temperature in Colorado varies greatly from day to day

or even hour to hour, a warm but not heavy coat is always essential.

T-shirts, jeans fit very well to the casual American day-to-day life.

Shoes like sneakers, sandals are the preferred footwears. Water-

proof boots might come to handy in snowy, or extremely cold days.

2. Bed sheets, pillows can be bought here. However, high-end

products can cost you a lot. Nights in Colorado can sometimes

be rather cool even in summer time, so BE PREPARED!

3. Cooking utensils: You can buy almost anything you need in the US, but

if you're talented in cooking, you can also bring your own favorite pans,

pots, knives and so on. Cooking at home can save you a lot of money.

4. Sunglasses can protect you from strong Colorado sunlight. Besides,

extra glasses, even though not essential, can help you in emergencies.