Unconventional Natural Gas Institute

Colorado School of Mines



• Meet active industry and academic professionals at lunch and learn seminars, annual meetings or other organization events
• Apply for a number of ARMA scholarships, fellowships awarded annually
• Participate in various ARMA programs: annual meeting best student paper and poster contest, CSM best paper contest, Celebration of Mines, Career Fairs...


• Must be enrolled at an accredited university and carry at least 30% of a normal full-time academic load
• Must have interest in earth science and engineering related field
• And at least one of the following:
 - Be pursuing the equivalent to a bachelors or graduate degree
 - Attend a university with an ARMA established student chapter
ARMA Student Chapter will consult with your student chapter faculty advisor to verify your enrollment and membership eligibility for final acceptance to the organization as a student member.

Who should join ARMA CSM Student Chapter?

Anyone, who has an interest in the happenings in the mechanics and rock physics. It doesn't matter whether you are studying Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. If you are interested, Welcome to the ARMA CSM student chapter.

When should I join?

You can join the ARMA CSM student chapter anytime of the year. We suggest that you join at the start of the Fall or Spring semesters.

Annual Membership Fee

Membership is $35, all checks should be made out to CSM ARMA. $25 is paid to ARMA and $10 for CSM ARMA Student Chapter

How do I join?

If you wish to join the ARMA CSM Chapter, please fill out this application form and turn it in to the ARMA CSM officer with $35 for membership dues paid by cash or check to "ARMA CSM." This action registers you for the CSM Chapter.

Can I be a part of the organizing team at the chapter?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers who can contribute the best for the growth of ARMA CSM student chaper. It is also a good way to start if you are interested in being one of the officers at our chapter.

application form

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1 Abdelraof Almulhim PE MS
2 Abdulhadi M. Almrabat
3 Adel Alqahtani PE PhD
4 Ahmad B. Aulia Geophysics BS
5 Alain A. Atemoh PE BS
6 Ali A. Al-Mulla Geophysics BS
7 Amanuel K. Berhe PE BS
8 Andrew B. Dietrich PE MS
9 Anton Padin Deben PE PhD
10 Asm Kamruzzaman PE BS
11 Azar Hasanov
12 Bilel Attia
13 Bryan P. McDowell PE PhD
14 Binh Bui PE PhD
15 Carlin F. Daves PE BS
16 Chelsea M. Grimm PE MS
17 Chingiz Bopiyev PE MS
18 Chris McCullagh PE MS
19 Christelle Magalie Mangama
20 Chunlei Lieu
21 Cosima Theloy
22 Cristobal Herrero
23 Debo Gao
24 Dharmendra Kumar
25 Dong Joon Youn
26 Edward J. Wolfram PE
27 Ethan E. Bacon Geological Engineering/Mining BS
28 Filiz Geren
29 Gerald Eurique Mercado Salas Mining Engineering BS
30 Geraldus Listiono Geology MS
31 Guozhen Zhao
32 Harry Mahardika
33 Ilkay Eker
34 Jeffrey S. Olson PE BS
35 Jordan Tansiongco PE BS
36 Jordan T. Walz
37 Kirston K. Ha PE MS
38 Lei Wang
39 Luke Frash
40 Mario Guzman
41 Matthew M. McConnell PE MS
42 Maxwell J. Willis PE MS
43 Mehdi Mokhtari PE PhD
44 Mohammed Albahrani Geophysics BS
45 Mojtaba Rezakhah Mineral and Energy Econ PhD
46 Murat Syzdykov
47 Naif Alqahtani
48 Nayef Al-Sadhan
49 Nerine Joewondo PE BS
50 Olawale Adekunle
51 Ozlem Ozcan
52 Paige Cybulski
53 Sanyog Kumar PE PhD
54 Scott M. Blackmer PE MS
55 Talgat Kosset
56 Temidayo Kola-Kehinde PE ME
57 Tyler J. Barcla PE BS
58 Waleed Alameri
59 Wang Cong
60 William Woodruff
61 Xiaopeng Li
62 Yasser Akbarzadeh
63 Zachary G. Hollon Geology MS
64 Zhou Zhou

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