CSM American Nuclear Society
The USGS TRIGA reactor located in the Denver Federal Center.
What We Do
The CSM ANS is about bringing together people who share an interest in nuclear power and technology. We go to conferences, host speakers, and learn about all things nuclear. If you are interested, contact Sarah Morgan at samorgan@mines.edu and you will be put on our mailing list.

Upcoming Events
National Nuclear Scinece Week
National Nuclear Science Week is January 23-27! This week celebrates our remarkable nuclear science and technology achievements. You can find out more in formation about the week here. ANS will be setting up table tents in the Student Center and Rec Center with cool facts about nuclear power.

Mountain Area Science Fair
The Moutain Area Science Fair is looking for judges. Volunteers will be judging scince fair projects from 1st through 8th graders. The fair will be held on February 10, from 6 to ~8:30 pm at the Morrison Elementary School. Dinner will be provided, contact nshugart@mines.edu if you would like to sign up.

Officer List
President: Sarah Morgan - samorgan@mines.edu
Vice-President: Nic Shugart - nshugart@mines.edu
Treasurer: Mike Baker - mbaker@mines.edu
Advisor: Dr. Jeff King - kingjc@mines.edu

Meeting times and minutes are posted on the meetings page.