A topaz cluster on rhyolite from Utah (maybe we'll go there!).
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Message From The Prez
Are you guys as psyched as I am to be going to the Sweet Home Mine?  .  This is the same mine where they found this tasty rhodochrosite (from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County).  This crystal cluster is 10 cm high.

Members List

Mos t members can be reached by email using an address with the first letter of their first name+last name.mines.edu. However, some people have offered their e-mail addresses so they can be easily contacted. Feel free to contact those members for more informa tion.



                                You cant really see me in either of these pics, but the left one is on a snowfield at Molas Lake, CO and the right one is on a welded tuff in Sawatch, CO.


Here is the list of members (you guys are doing a good job of paying dues!  I'll have the member lists updated soon).

Upcoming Trips

O ur fearless trip coordinator is Ted Playton.  Tell him or any other officers about ideas for trips you want to take.  Remember, this is a student run organization, so you decide where we go.  


We have several of this year's AGS t-shirts left. Please contact Ginny Mast in the museum to obtain one.

The dinosaur is on the front and the trilobites are on the back. The dinosaur is green, has a red shirt and blue hat. Colorful!

CSM College of Rock Knowledge/dinosaur holding crystals Trilobites of N. America

Last year's AGS T-shirts, Local Geology and State Physiography, can also be purchas ed from Ginny Mast, the geology museum curator.

Feel free to submit T-shirt designs for this year to Jeremy Merrill so that we can get them printed before Christmas.

Previous Successful Collecting Trips

AGS has historically been lead by very active rockhounds. AGS has supported many mineral collecting tri ps in Colorado. Some of the more enjoyable sites have been Crystal Peak, Texas Creek, and the Calumet Mine. Colorado Rockhounding is a good resource to find good collecting locations.

Previous Mine Tours

Mine tours have been a very helpful supplement to students' feel of how a mine operates. Several mines have been happy to host tours for CSM geology clubs.

Geology Links

  Here are some cool links to geology related web pages:

Web Resources for Sedimentary Geologists at University of Oregon:  A listing of sedimentary geology web pages, duh.



Who's paying attention?

Okay, you smarty pants, what is this?  A FREE t-shirt (when we make them, I wont forget) for the first correct ID of this structure.
Just email me with the correct answer and a brief description of process.

The background of this page is a fine specimen of wulfenite from New Mexico.

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